Pre Employment Test Benefits

Organizational Benefits and Pre Employment Testing

Pre employment assessments are being used in all aspects of the business world today. Many companies utilize our tests in the hiring process to aide in the selection process, long-term retention, and better job fit. Others utilize our tests to determine the training needs of individuals, work groups, departments, or the company as a whole!

Our assessment options are flexible enough to be used within any role in any organization, whether it be in selection, retention, team building, or training we have an assessment option to fit your needs. Read below for a quick explanation on how pre employment tests can benefit you. 

Pre Employment Tests and Selection

During the selection process, tests can be used to help identify your applicants who have the Behavioral andCognitive traits that are required for the position being filled.
Our Pre Employment tests generally focus on three areas:

  • Skills (Math Skills, Clerical Skills, Computer Skills,)
    Job Related Personality Characteristics and Aptitude (Sales Ability, Service Disposition)
    Integrity (Drug Use, Theft, Trustworthiness)

Testing your applicants in all three of these areas will give you a better and more complete snapshot of the applicant and their abilities. Our tests measure job-related attributes, employers can interview the applicant first hand, and then make the best hiring decision for your organization as a whole.

Pre Employment Tests and Retention

Pre employment tests could be the missing link in your organizations hiring process; they can assist you in achieving the proper job fit between the applicant and the job you are hiring for. Matching the right applicant to the right job leads to increased employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and reduced employee turnover, which can be costly for any company.

Team Building with Assessments

Our testing options are so flexible we can even put together a test to help aid in team building within your organization. Personality types become very important when placing individuals in a team environment. Test results will indicate employee strengths and weaknesses, therefore identifying areas where training may be helpful.

Career Path Development and Tests

Assessments can be used to gauge an employee’s interests, skills, and personality characteristics; this information can be used to match the employee to a specific career path. The employee then has a clear and defined path to follow if they want to be promoted within the organization into a specific role.

Will Pre Employment Testing Benefit You?

As you can see from above, our tests can be used to solve many of the headaches facing our HR professionals today. To see if testing would be beneficial to your organization, give us a call, or try out our assessment assortment FREE for 30-Days. The trial is risk free and will allow you to see if testing is the answer for you!