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Useful and Practical Reports

A test is only as good as the information it produces and to the extent that information is used in helping make the right hiring decision. The Selective Hiring Score Report was designed to give HR Professionals a quick snap shot of the test taker's strengths and weaknesses!

The Selective Hire Score Report is broken down into three easy to read sections. The first section is presented in the form of a bar graph for easy and quick interpretation. Both percentile and raw scores are shown. The second section of the report includes a brief narrative section more clearly defining what each section of the test means and what can be expected of the applicant with respect to job performance. The third section of the report includes follow-up interview questions that focus on the applicant's weak areas. These questions can serve as an excellent guide to uncover potentially negative behaviors.

Section One: Bar Graph

Description: Each bar graph has three color coded score ranges defined as High Performance (Green), Moderate Performance (Light Green), and Low Performance (Yellow). These score ranges offer guidance as to the performance one might observe from the candidate for the specific testing areas. The Overlay Area (Gray and Red) are custom Target Range areas that were established for this assessment. Each Target Range is fully customizable and can be enabled or disabled according to your hiring needs or wants.

Section Two: Detail Report

Description: The detail report includes a brief narrative section that includes the section, the section description, the applicants score, and what that score means about the applicant. 

Section Three: Interview Questions

Description: The interview questions populate according to the applicant's initial response on the assessment; the applicant's score and the amount of interview questions that populate correlate with one another. 

Section Four: Skills Based Reporting

Selective Hiring provides skill based testing (Math, Grammar, and other Cognitive sections) to go along with our behavioral sections. This what the skill based portion of the report looks like. We will show the questions the candidate was asked, their answer, whether that answer what correct/incorrect, and the correct answer.

Download a Sample Applicant Score Report