Choosing a Pre-Employment Test

SelectiveHiring makes things easy when it comes to choosing a test. We offer over 35 “Out of the Box” assessment options that are pre-built and ready to administer to your applicants...starting NOW!

Our “Out of the Box” assessments cover a wide variety of jobs, from bank teller to warehouse worker. They can be used to hire for any job in any industry. Follow the links for our Job or Industry specific tests. 

Three Easy Steps for Choosing a Pre-Employment Test

A few things to keep in mind… before you start your pre-employment test search!

1. Evaluate your current job descriptions and hiring needs

What positions do you hire or are you hiring for?
Customer Service, Sales, Accountants, etc...
On average, how many employees do you usually hire in a month?
This will help us in gauging a package price that is right for your company size.
What skills, characteristics, and abilities are needed for each job you hire for?
Each pre-built test is made up of multiple behavioral and cognitive skills sections. Having an idea of what skills are needed will help narrow down your assessment search and save you time!

2. Browse through our list of “Out of the Box” assessments and choose a test that best fits your needs

Note: If one of our “Out of the Box” tests does not fit your hiring needs, we can help you Customize a test by combining any number of Behavioral or Cognitive sections together.

3. Create a target range

By administering the assessment you picked to your top few employees and your bottom few employees, we can establish a custom target range. We will gather the data and compare their strengths and weaknesses. From there, we can establish a custom target range that encompasses the skills, talents, and abilities that are important to your organization or to a specific job.

4. Begin Testing your Applicants!

Our pre-employment tests were designed to include brief questions covering all various job-relevant skill sets. The answer format is multiple choice and our tests are concise, focused, and valid predictors of performance. We offer a FREE Trial, try our assessments risk and contract free!