The Hiring Process

Incorporating Pre-Employment Tests into your Current Hiring Process

Organizations who use poor hiring practices are continually battling hiring costs, increased turnover, and decreased productivity. Pre-employment testing can help eliminate the uncertainties in your current hiring process.

Pre-employment assessments allow you to test for skills, traits, and behaviors that cannot be determined in just an interview. By integrating pre-employment tests into your current hiring process you will be able to hire applicants that are reliable, ethical, and hardworking by better matching the applicant to the job. 

Easy, Hassle-Free Integration

Integrating pre-employment assessments into your current hiring process is easy and hassle-free. Selective Hiring offers a wide variety of tests that cover Behavioral and Cognitive sections, Job and Industry specific sections, and a Customizable option that will allow you to target specific hiring needs for your organization. 

Hire Smarter with Custom Target Ranges

With our custom Target Range feature, you will be able to set specific benchmarks with each pre-employment test you deliver. This will aid you in hiring applicants that have the skill sets, traits, and characteristics that are important to your organization. It allows you to compare all of your new hires to your top performers to ensure a better match. 

Using the target ranges, you can easily downsize your overflowing applicant pool by eliminating the candidates that do not fall within your custom target range. It will also help you reduce your time to hire by days or even weeks by using our custom target range feature.

Putting ALL the Pieces Together

When you combine SelectiveHiring’s pre-employment tests with the application, resume, cover letter, interview process, work history, reference checks, and background check, you can ensure you are hiring a top performer and employees you will be able to retain. 

Overall, you will hire better, fire less, and enjoy increased productivity by using our pre-employment assessments in your current hiring process.


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