Industry Specific Employment Tests

Right now, the potential applicant pool is HUGE. Issuing an industry specific test to your applicant pool will allow you to make a better-educated decision on the potential employees you are hiring for your company.

Quickly Reduce your Applicant Pool with Pre-Employment Testing

Reducing the size of your applicant pool can be easy; Industry Specific employment tests can help! Test each applicant on the same set of questions before meeting with them. The assessment results then can help you determine the applicant’s skill sets, disposition, and behavioral characteristics, ensuring the applicant will be a great fit for the industry you are hiring for!

Ensure Job Match and Employee Satisfaction

Trying to squeeze a laid back, non-aggressive, high-stress applicant into a sales job is probably not going to be the best fit for your company…find out before you hire them. Someone with a short temper may not be the best fit for your Customer Service Team. Find out before you spend the money to train them! We have many Industry Specific Employment Test Options.


Industry Specific Employment Test Options: