Management Industry Employment Assessments

Those in the Management Industry must be able to plan and develop systems and procedures to improve quality and efficiency, supervise staff in accordance to company policies, and are responsible for the hiring, training, and coaching of employees. Hiring a management candidate can be tough with the general job description being so broad. Issuing a Management Industry employment assessment can help you find the most qualified candidate in your applicant pool. Each company is unique and the skills and abilities needed to lead differ from organization to organization; our assessment options are flexible and customizable to fit your specific needs.

We offer multiple tests that cover a wide variety of jobs that encompass the Management Industry. Follow the links to learn more about our Management Industry test sections.

Our Management Industry Employment Test Options:

Remember each test is customizable to fit your specific hiring needs and a custom Target Range can be built into any test to encompass the traits that are important to your organization. Hire smarter!


You Can also Create Your Own Custom Assessment!

Our “Out of the Box” assessments are flexible enough to be combined with any number of Cognitive or Behavioral sections to create a Custom Assessment.


If you have questions or would like help customizing an assessment please give us a call at 1.888.633.9269