Job Specific Employment Tests

Are you a small company that hires Customer Service Reps twice a month? Or are you a large company that hires continually for Accounting, Marketing, Customer Service, and so on?

Either way…hiring costs are expensive for any company’s bottom line. Make it easy on you, investing about the cost of a daily lunch in evaluating an applicant today...can literally save you thousands tomorrow.

Hire Smarter Using Job Specific Employment Tests

Our job specific employment tests are pre-designed tests that cover the basics of a specific job; such as retail, customer service, or bank teller. You can know, before you meet with the candidate, if they will understand and be able to perform the job you are hiring for. Testing allows you to ask the same questions to each and every applicant giving you a clearer picture and more knowledge to make the best hiring decision for your organization.

Equally Compare Applicants

Be able to compare each potential applicant on exactly the same skill sets, dispositions, and behavioral characteristics. Using tests allows you, the HR professional, the opportunity to ask job-related questions in a short amount of time, making pre employment tests more efficient than any other hiring method.


Job Specific Employment Test Options: