Pre-Employment Test Myths

There are several myths surrounding pre-employment testing. See three of the most common myths below!

Myth #1- "Tests are illegal and those who use them will get sued."

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) justifies the use of tests and any other selection procedure as long as they are related to successful job performance. Tests are just another method of gathering employee information in order to make the most educated hiring decision.

If tests are developed and used properly, they can actually reduce the likelihood that you will get sued. Tests standardize the applicant data collection process; every applicant is asked the same questions, in the same format, reducing bias and stereotypes. Given that professionally developed and validated tests increase validity over that of the interview, you are likely to hire fewer problematic employees. Hiring fewer non-compliant employees reduces problems in the workplace that can lead to liability issues such as negligent hiring lawsuits.

Companies that hire the best employees are less likely to get sued over companies that hire problem employees; professionally developed, job-related tests can significantly increase the quality of your hires.

Myth #2- "Pre-employment testing costs too much."

The costs associated with a bad hire that leads to turnover are significant. When you factor in additional recruitment costs, training costs, management costs, low productivity and poor morale, most HR professionals would agree that these costs run at least twice that person’s yearly salary.

When you compare pre-employment testing costs with the very significant costs associated with making a bad hiring decision, it is obvious that the investment made in testing will provide a tremendous return on investment. Selective Hiring offers low cost solutions for any business type or size. Frequently priced 30-50% below competitors prices and with multiple payment options, we are confident we can find a right fit for your organization.

Myth #3- "Pre-employment testing takes up too much time."

SelectiveHiring assessments are extremely flexible and efficient. You, the HR Professional, have ultimate control over what the hiring process looks like. You can begin with a couple of pre-screen sections to weed out the applicants who are not qualified for the job, then follow up with a more in-depth approach by having your applicants take an industry or job specific test. Our pre-employment tests will help you easily identify which candidates are most worth your time to pursue.