Cognitive Pre-Employment Tests

The candidate interviewed great! Answered all of the questions correctly, they seem like they will be a great fit for the position...however...

-Will they catch on to the job you are asking them to perform?

-Will they understand the responsibilities required to be successful?

-Will their learning style mesh with your training style and speed?


How do you know without hiring the candidate? We have the answer!

Applicant Screening Helps Take The Hiring Guesswork Out!

Cognitive pre employment tests can help take the guesswork out of deciding whether an applicant will be able to successfully learn and perform the duties of the job. Cognitive based questions help determine the applicant's ability to think quickly, solve problems, and interpret data. 

Our Cognitive test sections can be combined together with any number of Behavioral test sections to provide a powerful hiring assessment geared for your specific hiring needs. After the applicant finishes an assessment a report is generated complete with the applicants score summary and performance!!