Getting Started with Pre-Employment Tests

Are you getting overwhelmed with the number of applications you are receiving? Is it a challenge for you to screen through unqualified applicants in order to find the best candidates? Are you having a hard time getting the “right people” into the “right places” within your company? We can help!

Our pre-employment tests will assist you in weeding out the candidates that are unqualified or just not a “right fit" for your job or company. Because of the many options available with our pre-employment assessments, SelectiveHiring will fit any HR budget or company size. 

We offer two easy ways to get started with pre-employment testing. You can handpick a pre-designed “Out of the Box” assessment for easy and hassle free delivery, or choose to customize one of our “Out of the Box” assessments by adding or subtracting any number of Cognitive or Behavioral sections to create a custom assessment for you organization.

“Out of the Box” Pre-Employment Tests:

Our “Out of the Box” assessments are pre-designed tests that combine multiple behavioral and skill sections for a specific job or industry. Test each of your applicants on the same skills, characteristics, and traits needed to perform the job. We offer over 15 pre-designed tests, follow the link for more information, “Out of the Box” assessments.

Customizable Pre-Employment Tests:

If one of our “Out of the Box” assessments does not fit your specific hiring needs, we can help you Customize a test by combining any number of Behavioral and Cognitive sections together. Issuing a custom test gives you the ultimate control over your hiring process. You can ensure each applicant you hire has the needed traits and characteristics to be a perfect fit for your company! 

Establishing a Target Range:

Whether you issue an “Out of the Box” assessment or you deliver a custom-made assessment to your applicant pool, with SelectiveHiring’s service, you are given access to establish custom target ranges for each assessment you deliver!

The target range feature allows you to compare all new applicants to your existing top performers' test scores. When you establish your own target range, the sky's the limit; you can ensure you are hiring top performers that will mesh with your company and perform on a level that is consistent with your current employees. 

What’s Next?

Browse through our list of “Out of the Box” assessments and see if there is a pre-configured test that will fit your hiring needs. If there isn’t, we can create a Custom assessment for you! For more information on picking a test and establishing target ranges visit Choosing a Test.